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For One Million Dollars give me the name of Tom Mix' horse!

Ahhh, too late! Tony, of course!

A number of years ago I created, and hosted the pilot of a Game Show called... That Trivia Game!

We were too far ahead of the curve. My General Manager asked me, "What the hell does Trivia mean?" Which proved that not all General Managers were created equal!

In time, Trivia became serious stuff. When Trivial Pursuit became so popular, Mark Goodson, of Goodson and Todman, tried a game like this. Mark flew me to Hollywood and I spent two days doing run-throughs for his production staff. Bob Eubanks got the job. It didn't last long. It wasn't very good.

It forgot the most important element of Trivia. Tongue-In-Cheek FUN!

Trivia Game, WAGA-TV

Here are some Recommended Links!
Rich Samuels from Ch-5  in Chicago, has put together an excellent Web Site with loads of History about NBC in Chicago, and what was called, The Chicago School of TV. Such shows as Studs' Place, Kukla, Fran & Ollie, and Garroway at Large. You can view videos of Dave at work. "This program came from Chicago!"

Tap Dave's hand and go!

Dave Garroway

"Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when out of the past come the thundering hoofbeats of the great horse Silver! The Lone Ranger Rides again!"

My old Zenith Trans-Oceanic is a bit more battered than this one, but is still a great radio!

Zenith TransOceanic

My Dad worked for Atwater Kent Radio in Philadelphia.

He was an accountant for Kent, and because of Dad's work we had a wonderful radio.

This Atwater Kent is very similar to the one Mr. Kent gave Dad. Sadly enough, it got pushed out of the living room by an Admiral TV set in 1951.

Radio had better pictures!

Tap this radio and visit an excellent Web Site on the History of Atwater Kent.

Atwater Kent

"Henry? Henry Aldrich!" "Coming Mother!"

Sewanhaka High School
When I was a kid I wanted to be a Cartoonist.

This is one from my High School paper, The Sewanhaka Chieftain, in Floral Park, NY.

I won a number of Empire State Scholastic Press Awards for my work.

This Editorial Cartoon about school over -crowding received an award. It was drawn in February, '53. At that point, 1955 seemed a long way off.

Friends have sent me a bunch of my old school cartoons over the years. I rarely saved any.

I have put a small group up and you can see them by tapping the cartoon on the right.

Hosting a show on our school FM station, WSHS-FM, I interviewed the Editor of a new Teen magazine called DEBUT. The young woman heard that I was a cartoonist and wanted to see some examples of my work. I mailed her copies of my school paper editorial cartoons.

She called me into New York and offered me a job drawing a cartoon series called "I've Got A Little List." It was a young man's views of some bad dating experiences.

She wrote it and I drew it.

Below are two examples of those cartoons. They paid me $25 an issue. (I would have paid them)

Dave Potts, Debut Magazine Cartoonist
The magazine lasted only about a year. Drawing for a New York publication was a wonderful experience. I was 17 at the time, and it was a big thrill to see my work on New York news stands.

So many times over the years I thought I should have stayed in Cartooning and Illustration. (And, so have a number of TV News Directors.)

I did use some of that talent to teach kids how to draw on a TV children's show. Over the years I have met local artists who said they were inspired by watching me draw on TV.

My favorite cartoonist , , ,

Willard Mullin, drew the daily Sports Cartoon in New York's World-Telegram and Sun.

He created the famous Brooklyn Bum on the right.

I wrote article for ILLUSTRATION Magazine about Willard Mullin and the "Lost art of Sports Cartooning."

When I was a teenager Willard Mullin sent me an original cartoon with a wonderful note on the bottom. Sadly enough that cartoon was lost during a family move while I was in Service.

More Trivia!
Rod Cameron
Rod Cameron
Remember this guy? This is the Westerns and Adventure star Rod Cameron.

My wife and I became good friends with Rod and his wife during the last year of his life.

He was a really good guy.

He came over the house one day with a VHS tape of one of the Saturday Afternoon Serials he did for Republic Pictures. He had as much fun watching them as I did.