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My wife Ann with our son Michael

This is a great guy!

Michael suffered a massive Cerebral Hemorrhage, an AVM, while working out at a local health spa, on the afternoon before the '92 Super Bowl. That night he went through six hours of brain surgery. Going in, they told us they didn't expect him to make it. Those six hours were an eternity! But, he did make it.

He has been on the long road of recovery ever since. He works very hard learning how to walk and talk all over again.

Ann and Michael Potts
David Michael Potts
Michael is the toughest person I know. A real inspiration. He keeps a great sense of humor. Hey! He is Irish you know!

Mike's E-Mail: dmikepjr AT bellsouth.net

Michael studied Web Design at North Metro Tech.

David Michael Potts, Jr.
My favorite picture of Michael.

We enjoy visiting Air Shows, and here's Mike in an authentic WWII Flight Jacket standing in front of the mighty B-17 Flying Fortress.

Michael & Kathy potts
This is my daughter Kathy with Michael in Oct-'05.

Kathy is one of the great joys of my life! World's greatest sense of humor!

Thank God for two great kids!

Michael Potts
Michael would like you to see a wonderful video about some amazing athletes who rely on wheelchairs and other special equipment.

WNYC Radio Host John Hockenberry is one of those people. He has spent more than 30-years in a wheelchair following an auto accidant. He narrates this positive look at some very tough people in the 2012 Paralympics.

Here's Michael on a great family reunion in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Kathy Potts, David Michael Potts
Kathy and Michael

on a wonderful family visit

to the Georgia Aquarium!

David Michael Potts, Jr. Left:

This is Michael on a great trip to the U.K. in 1981 paying a visit to 10 Downing Street. They didn't seem to mind.


And, here's Kathy and Michael in Trafalgar Square.

Trafalger Square, Kathy & Michael Potts

Ann, Kathy and me at Castle Howard, outside York.

David Michael Potts Family
Ann, & Kathy, David Michael Potts

Kathy, Michael and Ann at the corner of Haymarket and Pall Mall, London.

We're about to go into Trafalgar Square.

Our favorite Pub was in Sloane Square.

Michael and Kathy when we lived in Los Angeles........
Frankenstein & Michael Potts
Kathy Potts at Big Sur
Michael meets 'Frankie' on Columbia's Backlot in the Valley!
Kathy at Big Sur!

The building behind Mike and Frankie was used as Kim Novak's apartment in "Bell, Book and Candle!" This was a special Sunday afternoon SAG event for "Actors For Animals" on the Columbia Ranch. Doris Day hosted, and numerous other actors were in attendance.

Lorne Greene, Dave Michaels 1974

Michael, Ann and me at Universal Studios in L.A.

We're with the late Lorne Greene on the set of the film Earthquake in Universal's massive Stage-12.

Kathy was too young at the time to join us.

Lorne told me some interesting stories of his time as a CBC Newscaster during WW2.

The one photograph I really wish I had was when I had lunch with Alfred Hitchcock on Universal's back lot.

Good friend Inez Pedrosa who played the Receptionist in the film arranged this visit.

This shot was taken by one of their studio press people.

Michael, Kathy and their old man on the back deck looking over a model of the USS Constitution we built.

We had the the pleasure to walk aboard the real thing on a wonderful trip to Boston.

Michael, Kathy & their Pop
Ann & Dave Michaels
Sailin', sailin' - the high seas!

Cruising the Virgin Isles!


Who you gonna call?
Talk to my wife Ann at


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Ann Michaels, Classic Communities Realty

Danny We Hardly Knew Ye
Danny Boy

Our Beloved dog Danny died Friday, Setember 24th, 2010.

He was running around our backyard and just keeled over in what looked like a massive heart attack. He was just over three years old.

Our family was crushed by this loss.

We all loved him deeply!

There wasn't a mean bone in his body. He loved people and got along well with other animals including our two cats. He was the smartest dog I think we ever had until this guy below.

"If there is no God for thee
Then there is no God for me."

by Anna Hempstead Branch, To A Dog

Meet Brooklyn!

We did the best thing you can do when you lose a much loved pet. We immediately adopted Brooklyn from our local shelter.

He saved our lives!

My daughter found him on the shelter's website. My son and I drove over and adopted him. He's another Lab Mix and is so much like Danny you'd think they were related, and that Danny left him instructions.

He couldn't have found a better home.

Brooklyn is a true Black Beauty!

But, the saddest thing about black rescue dogs is this fact - 'The general public is not aware of how doomed black dogs are when they are brought to a pound. Black dogs are euthanized at a horrifying rate at pounds & shelters because people pass them up for lighter colored dogs.'

Our Brooklyn is one of the sweetest, smartest dogs we have ever owned.

I'm glad we got him just in time!

There are dogs just like Danny, Angel and Brooklyn waiting for you at your local Humane Society or Shelter. Just waiting to be loved! No matter what their color!

Angel, Brooklyn
Here are Brook and Angel on guard in our backyard.

They are assigned to keeping squirrels off the bird feeder. They take this job very seriously. But, the squirrels are working overtime to avoid these two "guardians of the seed."

My 'buddies' give me plenty of exercise! Knee surgery ended my over 33-years of running 18-miles a week. So now I do brisk walks with my best friends! I walk each one separately twice a day.

My neighborhood has nothing to worry about. They leave 'nothing' behind.

I get to spend quality time with two great dogs, and I get a chance to chat with neighbors along the way.