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Dave Michaels, KABC-TV, CNN

Dave Michaels, Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
"Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth . . . "

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Dave Michaels, CNNDave Michaels, KABC-TV

Television News . . . . . . . . . . . TV Talk

Someone has put up excerpts on YouTube from the period I anchored at CNN .

Tap here for video from CNN's Daybreak from August 30th and August 31st 1990.

It features me Anchoring with Norma Quarrels and Meteorologist Valerie Voss. Good friends Rick Moore and Molly McCoy are also included. There are also a number of other clips from the period when the world was watching CNN. I was proud to have been a part of it.

Dave Michaels, TriviaDave Michaels, Charo Dave Michaels, Spokesman

TRIVIA . . . . . . ShowBiz/Films . . . . Spokesman - Audio demo!

Dave Michaels, Willard Mullin

In the Fall of 2007 ILLUSTRATION Magazine published an article I wrote titled -

"Remembering Willard Mullin and the Lost Art of Sports Cartooning."

When I was a kid I wanted to be a Sports Cartoonist - a genre that doesn't even exist anymore. I drew Editorial Cartoons for my school paper The Sewanhaka Chieftain in Floral Park, NY, and won a number
of Empire State Scholastic Press Awards for my work. You can find a few examples of my early cartoons
on the
Trivia Page.

My favorite cartoonist was Willard Mullin who drew for The New York World Telelgram.
When I was a kid I wrote him and a few days later I received an original cartoon that had been in the
paper a week before. It was a wonderful rendering of the race horse Olympia. He wrote a note to me at
the bottom of the 20" x 16" cartoon. Sadly enough that original cartoon by Mullin got lost during a
family move while I was in service.

Telegram Sports Writer Dan Daniel called his friend - The Rembrandt of Sports!

Contact: dmcls (at) bellsouth.net

Man's Best Friend never disappoints!

Only people do!

Meet Jasmine!
Jasmine, Dave Michaels
What a beauty! Jasmine belonged to good friends who retired to Taos, New Mexico about 10 years ago. Both passed away withn a year of each other. A mutual friend flew out there and brought "Jazz" to us in July 2012. She's a Shetland Sheepdog, or Sheltie and joins our other two rescue dogs - Angel & Brooklyn.
This is Angel!

She had been abandoned in a foreclosed house and later held in a shelter for over a year, and constantly overlooked by folks looking for a new dog.

What a shame!

She is so well mannered that she quickly became a family member the moment she walked in the house. She is my shadow, and follows me everywhere.

There are thousands of dogs just like her waiting for a good home and a family that will love her.

Please! If you are considering adding a dog to your home go to your local Humane Society or Shelter and choose a dog that has lived with a family.

These dogs are given up for any number of reasons - economy, loss of jobs, or broken homes.

There's a dog like Angel just waiting for you!

Check out our other Rescue Dog on the Family Page.


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