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My wife Ann with our son Michael

This is a great guy!

Michael suffered a massive Cerebral Hemorrhage, an AVM, while working out at a local health spa, on the afternoon before the '92 Super Bowl. That night he went through six hours of brain surgery. Going in, they told us they didn't expect him to make it. Those six hours were an eternity! But, he did make it.

He has been on the long road of recovery ever since. He works very hard learning how to walk and talk all over again.

Ann and Michael
Michael is the toughest person I know. A real inspiration. He keeps a great sense of humor. Hey! He is Irish you know!

Mike's E-Mail: dmikepjr AT bellsouth.net

Michael has been studying Web Design at North Metro Tech.

Tap here for his site: http://www.geocities.com/dmikepjr/

Or, tap this photo.

My favorite picture of Michael.

He and I enjoy visiting Air Shows and here he is, in an authentic Flight Jacket, standing in front of a mighty B-17, Flying Fortress.

This is my daughter Kathy with Michael in Oct-'05.

Kathy is one of the great joys of my life!

World's greatest sense of humor!

Thank God for two great kids!

This is Michael on a wonderful trip to the U.K. in 1981.

He's seen here visiting 10 Downing Street.

They didn't seem to mind.

Same trip.....

Ann, Kathy and me at Castle Howard, outside York.

Michael and Kathy when we lived in Los Angeles........
Michael meets 'Frankie' on Columbia's Backlot in the Valley!
Kathy at Big Sur!

The building behind Mike and Frankie was used as Kim Novak's apartment in "Bell, Book and Candle!"

Buying or Selling a house in Atlanta?

Who you gonna call?

You need to talk to my wife Ann!

You can find her at REMAX COMMUNITIES in Atlanta.